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Save Us, O Lord – SATB Motet with Piano

With text taken from The Order for Compline (Night Prayer), this is a short anthem suitable for an evening service or concert. It lasts for a minute and a half and is perfect for a school choir or amateur/intermediate group to perform. While the accompaniment can be played on the organ, its effect is heightened on the piano. The opening soprano part can be sung as a solo at either soprano or baritone pitch.

To preview this work and order copies, please go to: http://www.sheetmusicplus.com/title/save-us-o-lord-digital-sheet-music/20403218?ac=1

Nunc Dimittis – Unaccompanied Anthem

The text from St Luke 2:29-32 in Latin, this is a non-liturgical setting of the Nunc Dimittis: Lord, now lettest thou Thy servant depart in peace. There is no Gloria at the end, which might render this unsuitable for a performance within the Evensong context. Its style is of the “schmulzy” romantic-like style. I dare say that it’s even a little Whitacre-y. This piece would be great at an evening service without the Nunc Dimittis in a liturgical context or within a concert setting. For SATB and soprano solo. Duration: 2:40.

To preview this work and purchase copies, please go to: http://www.sheetmusicplus.com/title/nunc-dimittis-digital-sheet-music/20403220?ac=1

I Heard The Voice of Jesus Say – Unaccompanied Anthem

This is a reharmonisation of the well-known hymn tune, Kingsfold. It is beautifully harmonised by RVW, which makes an appearance in this for the last verse. Each part has the melody at some point and would make a great 4-voice piece.The performance directions on the last page are pivotal to the desired effect: the changes between ‘ooh’ and ‘aah’ ought to be a more of a slight slide than a slick change of vowel sound.

A preview of the score is available below alongside a midi-produced recording. If you would like the proper score, do drop me a line.


Cover photo of Ralph Vaughan Williams, the composer of the well-known harmonisation of the tune Kingsfold.

God Be In My Head – Unaccompanied Anthem

This is a great communion motet or Evensong introit for any group from a competent parish group to a cathedral choir. The text is taken from the Sarum Primer and is set to music in Eb.A preview of the score is available below alongside a midi-produced recording. If you would like the proper score, do drop me a line.





Dear Lord and Father of Mankind – Descant Arrangement

I wrote this unison/upper-lower-split-voice arrangement for my choir’s trip to Blackburn Cathedral. It is a simple arrangement of the hymn tune Repton, following closely the recognised organ part; however, it deviates especially in the penultimate and ultimate verses, adding a descant in verse 2 and 5.

Here is a free sample score alongside the recording from the choir at Blackburn Cathedral and the Sibelius recording of it too (if you’re into that kind of thing)! If you would like the proper score, do drop me a line.


Cover image of Repton Village in Derby, from where the hymn tune takes its name.

Preces and Responses in G Major

Here, you can find my first set of the Preces and Responses, setting the service of Evening Prayer to music in the key of G Major. It is suitable for both the average parish choir, who sing Evensong maybe once a month, and the larger cathedral choir, who can pull this out for an average weekday service.

Below is a free preview of the score and, underneath that, there is a digitally synthesised recording from Sibelius for you to listen to alongside it. If you would like to get an un-watermarked copy, please do get in touch!