Clark is a twenty year old professional musician, in denial about his Northern heritage. He is currently reading a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) degree in Music at The University of York. First coming to church music at the tender age of fifteen, he planned on training as an organist, before realising his own ineptitude, and instead he ‘gave singing a go’. Something clearly worked out because Clark held the title of Bass Choral Scholar at Hereford Cathedral, under the musical direction of Geraint Bowen, for the academic year 2016/17. The resultant move to the South appeased Clark’s closet southernness, as ‘bath’ quickly became ‘barth’. Alongside playing the organ and piano and singing, Clark’s compositions have been performed all around the world.

Before his gap year, Clark managed to avoid life-long psychological scarring during his time at Boarding School in Preston. He studied A Levels in Music, Latin, History, and Politics. Here, he was the only person stupid brave enough to accept the Organ Scholarship. Broken, desolate and demoralised, he found refuge away from the console in the choir stalls of Blackburn Cathedral. Aside from music, Clark enjoys photography, acting and exploring the countryside on foot, often at the same time. In the past, Clark has been known to dabble in the world of YouTube and local radio. He also maintains the remains of this fallen media empire in the form of blogs, videos and witty remarks on Twitter!

Clark is also following a long-term path towards ordination within The Church of England.